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[08 Jun 2005|02:34pm]
Cool news.

ESPN 2 is going to air a 2 hour segment showing the top 8 corps, and then higlighting the 9-12 corps on Sept. 6th this year. Far away, but still neat! Wheee. Okay. I'm spent.
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Yay, about 60 drill sets to learn ;) [08 Jun 2005|11:07am]
So the stress has finally turned into excitement. It's about time.

I really can't believe this is happening. Today was the last day I'd see my friends until August, the last time I'd see North Catholic until August, and the last time I'd ever have to take a Lisjak test ever! Haha.

Now that finals are over, I can concentrate on learning the new drill and memorizing my dot book. I've wanted to do it all week but my parents made me "study". To be honest I did not study for one final.

This time tomorrow I'll be in the hot sun of Newark, OH working my tail off harder than I've had it worked off in school, marching band, or ever. Anhhh, I'm getting way too excited. LOL.

All you NC kids, have fun with band camp and feel free to call me and let me know how things are going. Let me know if there's any new low brass kiddos!!! Haha. Kelly, I'm calling you BRIGHT AND EARLY the day you go to practice, so you know, you better do it. And by early I mean 7 when I get up every day. LOL.

Yvette, I'll call you whenever I get a chance. It's too bad that CR isn't going to drums along the rockies, but we're just too cool for Colorado, okay? Hehe. I'll make sure to collect as many corps pins as possible for you :)

And to anyone else on here, have an awesome summer. If you're heading to a show that CR is at, feel free to call 412-606-3503 and leave me a voicemail letting me know you're there. You ARE allowed to come behind the buses to find me. I AM allowed to go into the stands to find YOU. But if I don't know you're there, uh... I'm not looking! LOL.

I hope to see some of you guys at either Elizabeth Forward (get your picture with a mexican day) or Baldwin HS. If not, see you in late August!

Again, here is contact info. If you are sending a package, remember to send it by United States Postal Service ONLY!!!!

Capital Regiment
Attn: Robyn Marshall
1444 Demorest Road
Columbus, OH 43228

- the site that tells you when recieve your mail. (We get mail twice a month)

Pittsburgh Area Shows:

June 17th - Music on the Mon, Elizabeth Forward HS
www.musiconthemon.com for those directions

August 2nd - Three Rivers Summer Music Games, Baldwin HS
I think you all know where that is. I hope I don't get a concussion ;) again .. lol

www.dci.org : for scores throughout the summer, and updates from CapReg

: For Reports from the Road at Capital Regiment. See where we are and what we're up to.

Well, I guess that is it. I do have access to AIM on my cell phone, so you can use that as well. It goes hand in hand with the phone though, I may not be able to respond at decent hours of day .. so , use it at your own risk of being awoken by me at 12 am.

I had better finish packing and start my dot book. Byeee!!!!!
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Whats up for Summer? [21 May 2005|09:49pm]
Hype for SUMMER TOUR!!! Cap Reg is gonna be smokin' ;)

As many of you know, I'm marching with Capital Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps of Columbus, Ohio. They were 14th overall last year and are planning on invading Top 12 territory this year with the show "Chiaroscuro!", arranged by Jay Bocook (same guy who arranged Tommy for us, and the Incredibles show) and the piece was originally composed by Robert Sheldon. The piece in Wind Ensemble is originally a grade 5 out of 6. So whooot!

During the day we rehearse long hours, up to 14. We can go anywhere from 8:00 am to 12 at night if the staff is mad at us. We only get breaks for lunch/dinner/snack. They are normally an hour long during winter camps, but during the summer they are often shortened ... I've even heard of a "fruit break" where the corps only was able to get a piece of fruit to eat and had to run back to spots for dinner. So if you're wondering why I can't call you back soon enough, that's the reason.

Speaking of that, calling me on the cell phone is the easiest mode of contacting me. For those of you who have it, feel free to leave me messages throughout the summer. I will promise to call you back after a show when I have the time, or maybe even at lunch/dinner breaks. Please don't be angry if I don't get to calling you back for a few days, because sometimes we are in fact that swamped with work that I'll be too dead to. It's no offence to you so don't take it personally. If you are one of those people who doesn't have my cell number and want it, email me at kangaroospit79@cs.com for it and you'll gladly recieve it.

Another mode of contacting me is through the Capital Regiment mail. You can send any number of things, care packages (full of FOOD!! haha), letters or postcards. I can write to you on tour as well, so if you'd like me to write to you, just give me your address through my email address and I'll make sure to write you once on tour. We're strapped for cash and things, and stamps are not my biggest priority so don't expect more than one. Hehe. But seriously, send me things. You don't know how nice a letter telling me how the band is going, or just how you are will make me feel. When you're the only kid in the corps who doesn't get a letter, it's kinda sad. Haha. Here is the address as of now (we may switch to a maildrop system, but who knows)

Capital Regiment
c/o Robyn Marshall
1444 Demorest Rd.
Columbus, OH 43228

DO NOT ship any packages via UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier expect the US POSTAL SERVICE. If you do, I WILL NOT GET IT. Only use the address I have given above as well, DO NOT send mail to the place Cap Reg will be housed.

Competitions that are close include:

- MUSIC ON THE MON ---> http://www.musiconthemon.com/corps.htm
This is the very first competition of our year, and only has 4 competiting corps (Bluecoats, Cadets, Cap Reg and Glassmen) This of course, will be my very first public performance so don't make fun if I mess up ;) This is also the competition to be at if you'd like to meet Hector. Cap Reg is also doing the encore (we get to play again for all the people in the stands parts of our show and some parade tunes) so that should be fun.

- http://www.bwschools.net/booster-patron/music/3rivers.htm
This is of course the easiest to find since everyone in band has been here at least once. If you dunno how to get there, ask a bando or better yet, ride with em.

Baldwin costs 15-18 dollars per ticket, and EF is 10-14 dollars. Elizabeth PA is not as far as you would think. Think about Moon TWP, which is only about 30 minutes away.

If anyone wants to take an EXTREME road trip to Columbus, OH, for the price of your ticket you will get a free meal and get to watch a free clinic performed by Cap Reg truly. ;) I know probably none of you will come, but just throwing it out there. I thought about telling KJ about it, but it's pretty much too expensive. Oh well. Here's the site if you're intereseted.

After shows, or after Cap Reg performs, typically you are allowed to come back to our buses and meet up with members. This may change since DCI switched its format of aftershow activities. For now, assume you are allowed behind the buses. If that changes I will let you know so you don't get yelled at! But come back, I'm gonna miss you guys alot.

- If you can bring snacks (mainly Salsa Doritoes or skittles/starburst are appreciated) to any of the two Pittsburgh shows, that'd be so nice! Why am I asking you for food?In drum corps, we literally live off of a bus. Every two weeks we are allowed one full day to do a load of laundry and refuel our dwindling supply of food and toiletries.

Behind the cut is a full schedule of where I will be all summer long. Days that have no links on them are rehearsal days that just have not been determined yet. There will probably be one free day in there, and on the 12th of June we have a standstill performance for the bingo players at the Cap Reg center.

Capital Regiment Full ScheduleCollapse )

So there you have it. Everything and anything you need on your quest of keeping in touch with me. I'm sure you'll miss that loud, obnoxious, loves potty humor girl at band practices, but I gotsta do what I gotsta do. ;) See you in mid-August!

And as of right now, my Hector is only 4 hours away. :) Same time zone, biotches!

I know there's a few CR vets on here, so if any of the info in this is wrong or I missed something, let me know. I'm just a stupid rookie, afterall. :)
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Bored ... [16 Mar 2005|08:42am]
Some quiz thing?Collapse )

Holy crap the bell freaking rang I g2g!!!
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Capital Regiment '05 : Chiaroscuro!! [20 Jul 2004|01:31pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Comment AND add me and I'll add you back.

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